Asset Management

Maximising Your Wealth

Our bespoke commercial real estate asset management service can be tailored to your precise requirements.  Proudly, since 2003 we have provided services to a diverse range of private clients ranging from high net worth individuals and family offices, to small groups of investors.

Our service is aimed at clients choosing to invest £200,000 or more in commercial real estate in the UK.  Currently our portfolio consists circa £75 million of commercial real estate under management.

Changes to rules on residential buy to let investments and low yields in other asset classes have driven an increasing number of investors to considering more profitable investments in commercial real estate.

Specialist services including assisting with the administration of the company or other holding structure in the UK, negotiations with UK banks for funding commercial mortgages and property acquisition due diligence.

Our aim is to maximise the value of your commercial real estate portfolio, utilising both ‘in house’ expertise and that of our professional partners, we are able to offer a full commercial real estate asset management service, including:

  • Property search and acquisition
  • Property review and disposal
  • Holding entity structuring
  • Management accounts
  • Negotiation with 3rd party debt funders
  • Holding entity direction
  • Lease renegotiation and re-gearing
  • Refurbishment and renovation of property
  • Develop and redevelop property
  • Secure planning consent
  • Diversification of portfolio to minimise risk
  • Liaison with legal, accounting, professional advisors
  • Management of property managers, letting or sales agents


We can assist with the administration of the company or other holding structure in the UK.

Bank Funding

We can assist you in negotiating with a UK bank to secure a commercial mortgage.

Due Diligence

Our team of professionals can assist with property acquisition due diligence.

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